Because we love doing real estate.

“Tim Krukowski made our relocation move to Michigan a success. He truly went above and beyond…” -The Downing Family
When you love doing real estate as much as we do at Franklin Addison, it makes the home buying and selling process easy.

We love everything about real estate; including searching for the perfect home, negotiating the best price and completing the sale. We’ll be there for you day or night, rain or shine, sleet or snow. We have history in the real estate business and a level of experience that very few agents have. We’ve seen it all and we’re here to answer every single question you have.

We love doing real estate—and we want to be your real estate agent.

Find the Home of Your Dreams—Search Like a Pro.

Search homes for sale like a pro with our accurate home search. At the top of every listing you can click for more information or to schedule a showing. We know how important it is to get out and look inside the houses you see. We’re ready to help.

Mortgage Pre-Approval—The First Step.

Getting pre-approved is the first and most important step in the home buying process. We’ll connect you with one of our trusted mortgage professionals and they’ll let you know right away how much home you can afford.

Get Everything You Want When You Sell Your Home.

Franklin Addison will list your home and get the results you deserve. There’s no obligation and you can fire us at any time. But you won’t—Franklin Addison will get you everything you want when you sell.

What does “Highest and Best” mean?

You want the truth? Here it is: Inventory right now is very tight. We see this during election years and also during times of growth and prosperity. In the first case, people tend to put off life’s larger decisions until they feel they have a more clear vision of where the country and where their own lives are headed. In the second case, when times are good and getting better, people sometimes feel comfortable “holding” and enjoying the prosperity before making any large decisions.

Times of tight housing inventory can be VERY LUCRATIVE for sellers and VERY FRUSTRATING for buyers. The bottom line is the good homes sell super, super fast and they usually have multiple offers from multiple buyers that want to purchase the home.

When this happens, sometimes the seller will instruct their real estate agent to issue a “highest and best deadline”. This alerts everyone who has made an offer or is considering making an offer that there are multiple offers. The deadline means, for example, that everyone has until “5:00pm tomorrow to submit their highest and best”. This allows all potentials buyers to review their offers, make any adjustments and cross their fingers.

At Franklin Addison, we are experts at navigating highest and best situations. Just ask some of our previous clients. They’ll tell you how amazed they were by our ability to put their offer at the top of the stack. If you have any questions about how to position yourself better during a highest and best, give us a call. (734) 377-5126 or email

We love doing real estate and we want to be your real estate agent.